Dedicated Teams

Off-shore software development is a growing trend, affording global clientele a significant cost-saving while simultaneously expanding their development skill pool.

What We Do.

S4 is a South African based company that has over a decade of experience in off-shore custom software development. Our team comprises of over 130+ tertiary qualified software developers who specialize in offering superior remote development support to existing software teams and full software development for customers.

S4 teams have access to state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that remote operations run effectively and encourage superior service delivery. Outsourced development allows your company to focus on business-critical functions, reduces costs, and provides access to a wide pool of developers.

Create professional and affordable software with our staff compliment of 130+ Software Engineers.

While you focus on your business we focus on developing sophisticated, effective and scalable solutions to enhance and automate your company processes.

Our Models.

Dedicated Teams

We offer our customers fully dedicated teams who work collaboratively with our customers to provide end-to-end software development services. The professionals chosen for your projects are based on the technical requriements of the project. We allow our customers the flexibility to decide the extent to which they would like to be involved in the development team management.

Is this for you?

The dedicated teams model is suitable for customers seeking to form long-term collaborative relationships with a service provider.

You do not have fixed requriements or your requirements are continuously changing.

You do not wish to hire, train or manage development teams internally but rather it is the service providers responsibility.

On-Demand Extended Teams

Supplement your existing core in-house development team with our extended development professionals on projects which require additional resources. The benefit to our customers is not taking on full-time in-house development professionals to complete a particular project.

The Co-development model is recommended for extending your in-house development resources for a particular project. Our Co-developers maintain a cooperative and friendly yet professional environment so that we can fit in your work culture easily and deliver fast.

Is this for you?

You do not wish to fully outsource your software development requirements.

You want to supplement your existing internal teams when required rather than hiring full-time in-house development professionals for once-off developments.

You want to work closely in a cooperative relationship to achieve project goals.

Responsibilities and tasks for the project are spread evenly between the in-house teams and remote teams.

Project-Based Teams

We offer you development professionals on a project to project model. This option is suitable for customers who have well-defined projects with defined requirements. Based on the requirements of the project we will assign the appropriate resource/resources to meet your requirements.

Is this for you?

You require a project to be completed which you either do not have the resources or skillsets in-house to complete. You have a well-defined project with requirements.

Dedicated Teams

Benefits of outsourcing

Cost Saving
The cost of hiring, training, maintaining and housing staff can become costly. Effective methods in reducing costs are to outsource your development requirements either by outsourcing the entire projects or supplementing your existing teams in times of above-average workload.

Maintaining a full complement of staff can become costly, short-term projects generally do not stack up in creating enough value to hire full-time development specialist. Outsourcing works great in this context as you can supplement your existing development teams based on each individual projects’ specifications and requirements. This reduces your risk of running operations with surplus staff after the project has been completed.

Focus on What You Do Best
Allowing your development requirements to be outsourced frees up your time to focus on your business-critical functions and operations of your business. Either by outsourcing all your development or by outsourcing the more admin heavy development requirements, you are able to free up time and focus on what matters with your in-house team.

Improved Time to market
When resources are running at capacity other deliverable projects are postponed. The outsourcing of development allows you to dedicate full-time resources to the project rather than dividing your already stretched teams among the projects.

Projects that require a specific skill set can become tricky if you do not have the skillset or if it is a skill you rarely require in daily development. Rather than hiring, you can effectively outsource the project to teams who are specialized in the skill your project requires.

Reduced Risk
Outsourcing projects to development teams who have been tried and tested with an award-winning track record will put your mind at ease when software deliveries and ongoing maintenance is required.

Why S4?

Award Winning Track Record

Successful Track Record

We have years of experience in outsourced development to our European partners

Talented Development Professionals

Talented Development Professionals

S4 houses over 130 software developers, allowing you access to large a pool of knowledge and skillsets.



Due to the high requirement of remote operations, s4 provides offices that are fully catered towards the requirements of offshore development teams.

Long-term Relationships

Long-term Relationships

We aim to provide you with the best software and advice available so that together we can build long-lasting relationships with all our customers.

Customer Success.

We assist our customers with off-shore vehicle diagnostic software development. Follow the link below to find out how we effectively produce world-class off-shore software development solutions.

Dedicated Teams

Why Work With Us?

While you focus on your business we focus on developing sophisticated, effective and scalable solutions to enhance and automate your company processes. With our years of experience, we develop using the best practices and standards to deliver powerful solutions.

Planned Approach Illustration

Planned Approach

It's all in the planning. Delivering great products and service is not just about great development, it's about how you manage that development.


Agile Methodology

Our solutions evolve through continuous iteration by our cross-functional teams.

Agile Methodology Illustration
DevOps Standards Illustration

DevOps Standards

Our software teams follow the latest DevOps standards and practices to ensure continuous deployment and integration is executed in a streamlined process.


Award Winning Record

We are proud to have a proven track record of successful service delivery recognition.

Award Winning Record Illustration

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Our Process

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At S4 we have an incredible team comprising of over 130 tertiary qualified software developers. They are on hand to tackle your software specifications, armed with caffeine and superior intellect. We have wide industry knowledge and experience, with over 10 years of experience in outsourcing our services.

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