Below you can find a list of industries we actively develop software solutions for.


Over the years S4 software has gotten more and more involved in warehouse management systems and customized software offering. As a result of our involvement in the shopfloor IT for many manufacturers we have naturally progressed to offering customized warehouse management systems and solutions.

We assist in inventory tracking solutions, storage and retrieval systems (SRS), labour management systems, reporting and many other aspects.

Our involvement in warehouse management has grown over the years along with our expertise and in-depth knowledge of warehouse management best practices which we apply to our software.

All of this has allowed the S4 Software division to become competitive providers in the customized warehouse management division. Our in-depth knowledge and software expertise allow us to tailor the software to your needs so you can better your warehouse processes.


Our custom software offering has afforded us the opportunity to work with local telecommunication powerhouses. We have assisted our clients in the telecommunications industry by providing them with professional and effective survey applications that are based on geo-location technology. This allows them to regularly log accurate inspection and maintenance data.

In the telecommunications industry it is imperative that all sites are functioning optimally and that services and inspections are conducted regularly. With our custom software service offering, our clients are now able to perform mission-critical inspection tasks with accurate geo-location tracking, with the added benefit of having the information immediately accessible. Our offering allows them to create reports that accurately depict various levels of inspection and allow them to plan the site repairs from an easy-to-use interface.


S4 has had a long-standing relationship with many industry leaders within the automotive industry. We are proud to have built strong long-lasting relationships built on a foundation of expertise, remaining competitive and the delivery of superior customer-centric services.

Our company involvement in the industry is diverse and spread through multiple divisions within the industry. We have been responsible for wheel assembly line software conceptualization, development and installation both nationally and internationally. Shopfloor support both remotely and on the assembly factory floor. Consulting with various stakeholders within the industry to better their processes and optimize their current operations.

Our superior service offering and resources have allowed our software departments and automation departments to work together to deliver full turn-key solutions to our customers in the automotive industry.


We have a number of offerings that allow you to manage your manufacturing environment at its best.

Our virtual and augmented reality teams are on hand to assist you with planning your next shop floor machine commission. Our teams will create a fully immersed experience, allowing you to visualize the machine before it is even installed.

We are also able to provide cutting edge software management solutions that allow for you to optimize your workflow based on the lean manufacturing principles.


S4 has been active in the technology industry for 20+ years. We have solidified our foothold as industry leaders especially with respects to embedded and automotive diagnostics programming. Our developers are well-versed in the latest technologies and languages, ensuring your project will always be a success.

Our support teams are highly skilled at connecting physical systems to their digital counterparts, allowing for seamless data-transfer. We are highly capable of providing complex systems that include data-visualization and analytics in order for you to understand your system and allow for a simplified decision-making process.


S4 offers a range of bespoke software solutions for the transportation industry. Our latest being a fleet management solution that allows for the optimization of vehicle capacities. The dispatch of goods requires accurate shift scheduling and plausibility tests of all involved systems.

Our offering allows you to simply manage your product transportation schedules and requirements through the use of an easy-to-use web interface. Visualize fleet availability and plot improvements by generating easy to read graphs and reports, with the added reliability of complex reporting.


S4 has a wide range of experience which includes experience within the agricultural industry. We are able to design and develop bespoke software solutions to your exact requirements.

We understand that in this day and age you have expanding complexities and requirements regarding cost and productivity. We are able to provide a solution that monitors all these important metrics, as well as GPS and geo fencing data.

Through our partners, we are able to provide customized telematics solutions.