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Date Published: 28-05-2020

Starting a company comes with many challenges and a tech start-up is no different. Although the tech start-up does come with a set of unique industry hurdles. Over the years of meeting with tech entrepreneurs and start-up teams, a few trending topics always seem to come up during the conversation.


It obviously comes as no surprise that cost would be an obstacle. Your product development naturally comes with a price tag but what many do not realize is that there will most likely be an ongoing cost. In most cases, it will not just be a once-off development type of relationship, Here’s why.

Technology is constantly changing with newer versions and technologies being released regularly.

Technology is constantly changing with newer versions and technologies being released regularly. This is just a natural part of the technology industry; technology is constantly changing. This means that if you are pursuing the road of a tech start-up you should expect that your technology product will most likely have an ongoing cost associated with maintaining the technology in the product.


If you do not know where you going then neither does your tech team. It is very important to be upfront and as open as possible with your technology team or partner regarding how big your vision is. If your tech teams know where you going then it is easier for them to plan and develop on a foundation which will support a scalable solution. Rather be upfront than risk the cost of a redevelopment which in the end only costs you money and time.


Unless you have your own inhouse team who have the technical expertise to handle this, you will need to form an ongoing relationship with a technology partner. It is important to find a technology partner who shares the same values and views as you because you will be together for a while. You need a technology partner who has your company’s best interests at heart and plays an active role in advising you and your team about the best practices and technologies in the technology industry.

Customer Support:

Your product is important but second to that is the customer service your company will deliver to your customers. It is important that your sales teams, customer support teams and technical support staff work hand in hand to quickly resolve customer issues.

It is important that you establish customer support strategies and operations before launching your product. Making use of digital ticketing systems for issues is always a great start. A tip would be to look for a ticketing solution which has the ability to create a knowledge base on past issues. The ability to record a knowledge base of similar issues gives you the ability to resolve issues with the quicker response time.

Establish customer support strategies before launching your product.

Your ticketing system should also have an issue history log which allows any support agent to simply pick up where the last support agent left off. There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than having to explain the same software issue over and over to different support representatives.

The build it and they will come mentality:

There seems to be an underlying belief in the tech industry that if you invent a great product then customers will simply just flock to you. Having a great product definitely helps but just because it is great does not mean it will just be an instant success.

You know your product is great, your team knows your product is great but how does the market know. Investing in your product marketing strategies is still highly suggested.

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