Assembly Lines

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What We Do.

S4 has a wide range of skills and in-house competencies that allow them to design, manufacture and commission complete assembly lines.

The design for an assembly line is determined by analyzing the steps necessary to manufacture each product component as well as the final product. All movement of material is simplified, with no cross flow, backtracking, or repetitious procedure. Work assignments, numbers of machines, and production rates are programmed so that all operations along the line are compatible.

Automation of assembly lines increases efficiency and production rates while reducing costs and minimizing labour requirements. These complex systems provide automated material handling between stations, allowing production to proceed without, or with very little human intervention. Our intelligent assembly line automation solutions are custom designed and custom-built. we can design, build, install, and service custom equipment to help assembly plans work smarter.

Each assembly line project has its unique concerns and problems, but S4 has taken its clients through the entire process from initial concept to final buy off, covering the electrical, mechanical and software components to allow the client to enjoy a ‘one-stop shopping’ experience!

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