Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive end-of-line solutions that we offer include filling equipment, headlamp aiming, vehicle diagnostics, non-contact wheel alignment and driver assist testing systems

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At S4 we strive to be the preferred solution provider in the automation, machine-building and software industry. We ensure total customer satisfaction by providing professional, high quality solutions that our clients find indispensable.

We are dedicated to developing the best possible solutions for our customers. As an agent for a number of international organisations, we are able to supply exceptional quality products and services that cannot be found locally and include them in all our undertakings.

All of these aspects, together with exceptional before and after sales support, make S4 the leader in its field. We are proud to be trusted by most of the South African OEM’s, Tier 1 & Tier 2 suppliers.

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At S4 we have an incredible team comprising of over 200 professionals from various industrial automation backgrounds. They are on hand to tackle your industrial automation requirements, armed with caffeine and superior intellect. We have wide industry knowledge and experience, with over 20 years’ experience in industrial automation.

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