Assembly Solutions

S4 manufactures bespoke assembly systems for the various products you manufacture.

What We Do.

S4 manufactures bespoke assembly systems for the various products you manufacture. Workstations are the fundamental component of manufacturing and assembly systems. A workstation should provide quality, productivity, flexibility, ergonomics when associated with operators.

How We Do It:

  • Determining optimum number of stations:
  • - It is crucial that the correct amount of stations is implemented in order to maximize productivity and quality.

  • Decide which workstations should be automatic:
  • - Workstations are designed according to the customers processes by their production flow or by their degree of specialization.

  • Technology and Assistive Devices:
  • - Workstations require technological assistance such as transport devices, material handling and supply of services such as electricity, information, support, etc.

  • The flexibility of the workstation:
  • - Automatic, semi-automatic or manual workstations need to be flexible in the current environment.

    - Workstations should have the capacity to meet different products and processes

  • Idle areas and station visibility:
  • - Workstations should have visibility, both physically and in terms of information, implementation of sensors and alarms to ensure safety and take action accordingly.

  • Ergonomics:
  • - Implementing ergonomics leads to multiple benefits of labour productivity and process.

Benefits of Assembly systems:

  1. Reliability
  2. Quality
  3. Consistency of output and throughput
  4. Labour savings
  5. Track and Trace capabilities
  6. Greater volumes

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At S4 we have an incredible team comprising of over 200 professionals from various industrial automation backgrounds. They are on hand to tackle your industrial automation requirements, armed with caffeine and superior intellect. We have wide industry knowledge and experience, with over 20 years’ experience in industrial automation.

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