Proof of Concept (POC) Development

Our proof of concept solutions are suitable for any sized organisation in any industry.

What We Do.

We are perfectly suited to assist start-ups, small – medium and enterprise size organizations with Proof of Concept (POC) product development projects.

Identify the viability of your product in the early stages of development with our POC development offering.

With over a decade of experience and a compliment of 130+ developers we are successfully able to determine viability of product in the early stages of development.

Why POC?

The main purpose of the POC is to identify the viability of the product/project in the early stages of the development cycle.

Companies can identify potential technical limitations or practical application issues or obstacles which require solutions before committing to full product development. The development of a POC also gives organizations the ability to better forecast features and customizations required to complete the project and achieve their project goals making the project costing forecast easier.

Why choose S4 for your POC requirements?

When working with us you will be working with our development analysts and development teams to realize your technology strategies.

We take pride in allowing our software teams to remain on the cutting-edge of software development technologies which we use in S4 developments.

Does your POC require a physical product with your software?

Our software development teams have direct access to S4 Integration engineering professionals which are comprised of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, vision system experts, designers and more who operate in an onsite 3875m² workshop facility.

Why Work With Us?

While you focus on your business we focus on developing sophisticated, effective and scalable solutions to enhance and automate your company processes. With our years of experience, we develop using the best practices and standards to deliver powerful solutions.

Planned Approach Illustration

Planned Approach

It's all in the planning. Delivering great products and service is not just about great development, it's about how you manage that development.


Agile Methodology

Our solutions evolve through continuous iteration by our cross-functional teams.

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DevOps Standards

Our software teams follow the latest DevOps standards and practices to ensure continuous deployment and integration is executed in a streamlined process.


Award Winning Record

We are proud to have a proven track record of successful service delivery recognition.

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