Mobile App Development

With seamless integration and inspired thinking our mobile application solutions are developed to help our customers achieve their strategic business needs.

What We Do.

We help local and global brands develop applications that are user-centric by connecting mobile app solutions to local and global markets. Our mobile application development teams are there to walk with you through the entire application development process from conceptualization, design, development, and launch of your mobile application solution.

Achieve your strategic business objectives by developing mobile applications to restructure your operations and reduce time spent on operational monotonous tasks. Our mobile app development teams do this by creating applications with business-critical functions tailored to our customers specific business requirements and processes.

Following Android development best practices and using SDK tools, our software> teams deliver quality well designed native applications.

Sophisticated and robust mobile applications provided by software professionals.

Our mobile application development services offer highly customizable applications that enhance your business processes.

Mobile Application Development

Benefits of mobile application development

Cost Saving
Reduced time spent on repetitive operations.

Time Saving
Reduced time spent on tasks which can be automated.

Streamline Business Process
Let the application do the leg work in your business processes.

Improved Historical & Current Data Integrity
Improved monitoring of your data and strict control on how data is captured.

View statistics of your daily operations in a live view.

Replace Paper
Reduce your paperwork by going digital.

Web Application Integration
We also develop web applications to manage your mobile application activity. Dashboards are great for live monitoring of your daily operations data running through your application.




Bring your mobile app ideas to life with bespoke developed Android apps for both the private and corporate sectors.



A UI Toolkit developed by Google to create aesthetically pleasing functional feature-rich native applications.

Native Applications

Native Application
Beautifully designed functional native applications designed to provide optimized performance. We develop applications using the latest and best practices in native application development.

Engaging Applications

Engaging Applications
How your users feel about the application is important. We have years of experience building applications users want to use.


Usability, simplicity and functionality, your application success requires your users to have a pleasurable experience when using your application. Trust us to deliver a user pleasing experience.

Enterprise Application

Enterprise Applications
Applications used to improve your daily work functions and improve work efficiency saves your company time and money. We have years of experience developing bespoke solutions catered to company requirements.

Customer Success.

We help our customers achieve streamlined processes and increased performance by offering great products. See what we have done to help our customers achieve their technology goals.

Structure Survey Application

Why Work With Us?

While you focus on your business we focus on developing sophisticated, effective and scalable solutions to enhance and automate your company processes. With our years of experience, we develop using the best practices and standards to deliver powerful solutions.

Planned Approach Illustration

Planned Approach

It's all in the planning. Delivering great products and service is not just about great development, it's about how you manage that development.


Agile Methodology

Our solutions evolve through continuous iteration by our cross-functional teams.

Agile Methodology Illustration
DevOps Standards Illustration

DevOps Standards

Our software teams follow the latest DevOps standards and practices to ensure continuous deployment and integration is executed in a streamlined process.


Award Winning Record

We are proud to have a proven track record of successful service delivery recognition.

Award Winning Record Illustration

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At S4 we have an incredible team comprising of over 130 tertiary qualified software developers. They are on hand to tackle your software specifications, armed with caffeine and superior intellect. We have wide industry knowledge and experience, with over 10 years of experience in outsourcing our services.

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