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Life at S4.

Imagine working with the latest technologies on technically demanding, complex global projects. At S4 every employee has the opportunity to grow their skills, experience, and career. You will find fairness and support in a safe and comfortable work environment. Our culture is one where employees respect each other and individual accomplishments are recognised. Our managers are experienced and always willing to go the extra mile. We believe that our people are our most important asset, which is why we give them the tools and training they require to meet challenges head-on.

Career Questions.

The company values integrity above all else as we are a company which strongly emphasises teamwork. Teams with member who value integrity as the company does have always worked well with their counter-parts both nationally and internationally.

A typical day in the office starts at 07:00 AM and usually starts with a quick stand-up meeting where team members just get together and discuss what their goals and prior day's achievements are. After that, you will start your day tackling your duties followed by a tea time at 10:00 AM to stretch the legs, get some fresh air. After tea time you get back into it and maybe a few team meetings depending on your day. We all take a well-deserved lunch at 13:00 after which you carry on your day until you head on home at 16:00 PM.

A genuine passion for software technologies, ingenuity and initiative. We have seen the truly passionate are always finding new and better ways to do things which is what we all about. We want you to be inventive and drive innovation. People with these characteristics have been proven to excel in the company.

You will work closely with your team members and team leaders on a daily basis. Our open-door policy also encourages employees to interact with department leads and upper management.

We are always striving to further all team members in their careers as we understand growth is important. Our department leads are there to help guide and assist you with aligning your goals to achieve your career milestones.

Benefits our employees love.

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Friendly work environment that fosters teamwork.

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Company Barista.

Canteen that runs during tea and lunchtime, serving complimentary cappuccinos.

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S4 is a highly stable and growing company with a diverse range of projects.

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Constant career growth through training and exposure to new technologies.

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Open Door Policy.

Open-door policy that encourages positive interaction.

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Modern and sophisticated offices.

We are expanding!

We are a global company based in Port Elizabeth and we are expanding! We are searching for developers with a keen mind, who are willing and able to keep abreast of emerging technologies.

Available Jobs.

What Will You Do?

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Automotive Developer

We are proud to be associated with local and international software development teams. Through a collaborative effort, we deliver software solutions in vehicle development, production and after-sales automobile industry.

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MES Developer

Work in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). MES solutions assist organisations worldwide achieve digital transformation to improve their organisations manufacturing performance.

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Software Engineer

Work in our wheel and tyre assembly teams and help our global partners maintain high-quality standards through the development of heavy-duty vehicle testing systems. We assist in full software development solutions for wheel assembly systems.

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Reasearch & Development

Bespoke software where every day involves a new task, requiring innovation. Work to develop custom software solutions for customers who just cannot find the off the shelf solutions to fully satisfy their software requirements.

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