In collaboration with Joloda Hydraroll, leading experts in material handling with a specific focus on loading and unloading processes, we excel in the design, manufacturing, installation, servicing, and maintenance of world-class loading solutions. Our partnership aims to innovate, automate, and streamline logistics functions, leveraging Joloda Hydraroll's distinguished team, which boasts over 60 years of experience in loading and unloading, having successfully deployed more than 500,000 loading systems.

Moving Floor

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Moving floor conveyor solutions are a sophisticated means of efficiently transporting goods between factories and warehouses. Engineered to enhance the safety, ease, and speed of the loading and unloading process, these solutions are adept at handling a diverse range of items, including palletised, non-palletised, or crate-based goods.

The core of this system lies in its heavy-duty, flexible slat conveyor belt known as the Moving Floor. This innovative technology allows seamless integration with existing production line conveyors or provides the flexibility for forklifts and AGVs to load cargo onto the conveyor belt.

Whether connected directly to production lines or employed within warehouse logistics, Joloda Hydraroll's global expertise ensures the delivery of a perfectly integrated modular design tailored to the specific needs of trailers or buildings.

Slip Chain

Discover the efficiency of Slipchain pallet loading solutions. Streamline the transportation of goods from factories to warehouses by adopting our innovative Slipchain pallet loading solution.

This solution features a robust, pneumatically activated rise and fall chain combined with a Rollertrack system designed for trailers and docks, making it ideal for the loading and unloading of palletized goods.

Regardless of your setup, the system's durable and modular design ensures seamless integration into any building or trailer. With minimal civil works or trailer adaptations required, you can easily connect it directly to your production line conveyors or use forklifts and AGVs to place cargo onto the system.
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Joloda's Trailerskate system is ingeniously designed to automate the loading process for medium to long shuttle hauls, offering a quick, easy, and cost-effective solution. By employing long skates on four simple tracks in the trailer, the system facilitates automatic unloading or traditional forklift usage.

Alternatively, the Riserplate skate solution provides a flat floor surface through a pneumatic system, allowing for safe traversal. This system maintains automatic loading and unloading with long skates, utilizing the track underneath for lifting, creating a multifunctional trailer with versatile capabilities for various cargo handling needs.

Skate and Track

Skate and track loading solutions comprise a manual system for loading and unloading truck pallets, employing manually operated skates. These skates traverse along dedicated tracks integrated into the trailer or container floor, enabling the effortless movement of substantial loads like pallets, slip sheets, drums, newsprint rolls, and large machinery.

Serving as a cost-effective substitute for automated loading systems, this method enables operators to load or unload without requiring a forklift to access the vehicle, making it adaptable for diverse cargo transport situations.
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If you want faster, flexible loading, easier handling and reduction in forklift damage, then our Rollertrack system offers a great solution.

With systems available for trucks, trailers, vans, warehouses and production lines, our Rollertrack system is all about lightening the load. It has a pneumatic rise and fall floor to help you move loads easily. If you want faster loading, easier handling and reduction in forklift damage, then this system offers a great solution.

Built-in rollerbed loading solutions

Built-in rollerbed loading solutions refer to rollerbed systems integrated into the floor of a transport vehicle. These systems are ideal for those seeking maximum internal loading height and specific roller track configurations or spacing.

With a lifting capacity of 550 kg per module per meter, they accommodate palletized loads of varying weights. Built-in pneumatic rise and fall rollerbed systems are designed to handle air cargo pallets, containers, and most block pallets, whether made of plastic or wood.

The Hydraroll roller tracks, known for their heavy-duty steel top plates, ensure durability, allowing the system to withstand forklift and pallet-truck movement when not in use.
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Container lifting solutions

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The container lifting solutions, exemplified by the Joloda Hydraroll system, are characterized by high efficiency and practicality, providing a safe and easily manageable process for single-handed use in loading and unloading containers onto and off trucks, ensuring secure transportation.

The system comprises four independent electro-hydraulic jacks powered by a 440v 3-phase power supply. These jacks are strategically attached to each corner of the container using a 1-ton fork truck, securely clipped onto the container castings. With a robust capacity, this heavy-duty loading system is capable of lifting weights up to 35 tonnes.

The interconnected jacks enable seamless control synchronization, facilitating safe lifting and lowering. This feature contributes to the system's adaptability, making it a versatile solution applicable in various settings.

Container loading solutions

Container loading solutions refer to systems designed for efficiently loading containers. One such system is a manual loading mechanism that loads an entire container at once. It consists of a skate train with a 28-ton capacity, tailored to the load length.

The skates move along a galvanized steel track positioned on both the loading platform and the container floor. A hydraulic pump elevates the track, lifting the skate and consequently raising the load above the platform deck. This configuration allows for the smooth and easy rolling of the 'live' load into the container.
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Modular rollerbed loading solutions

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Joloda Hydraroll offers Modular Rollerbed loading solutions designed to streamline offloading, expedite deliveries, and facilitate the loading and unloading of up to 30 tonnes without the need for forklifts. This versatile system is particularly well-suited for air cargo, ULD containers, and standard pallets, serving major airports worldwide by efficiently transferring cargo and freight.

The Modular Rollerbed's prebuilt, 100% modular design allows for easy installation on various flat surfaces, including trailer floors, vans, warehouses, and factories. With a selection of standard sizes to choose from, the system can be operational within hours. Strategically stocked in key locations, the Modular Rollerbed is user-friendly and ensures a secure loading process, making it a reliable choice for handling air cargo or pallets effortlessly with the simple roll-in and roll-out functionality provided by Joloda Hydraroll.

Powered cargo roller system

Powered cargo rollers effortlessly facilitate the controlled movement of air cargo, eliminating the need for manual pushing or reliance on gravity.

Streamlining the loading and unloading of AKEs and air cargo pallets from trucks, this system, equipped with rise and fall DC 24V rollers and a pneumatic rollertack, efficiently handles flat-bottomed ULD containers and transportation pallets weighing up to 20,000 kgs without causing any damage to the products.

This feature guarantees the safe and efficient execution of loading and unloading processes in various settings, such as loading heavy cargo onto trucks, transferring goods in distribution centers, or managing oversized items at airports.
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