Smart Warehousing

A Smart Warehouse is the result of several automated systems and interconnected digital technologies effectively performing warehousing storage, retrieval, and material functions, thus increasing the warehouse's productivity and efficiency whilst reducing costs and inaccuracies.

The complexity of warehousing continues to grow at a rapid pace, driving the demand for greater intelligence and efficiency. After 25 years in the Automation Industry, S4 Integration remains at the forefront of innovative thinking when providing turnkey Warehouse 4.0 solutions and special-purpose machines. Although each solutions is uniquely tailored to our customer's needs, they are based on core technologies and areas of expertise.

Benefits we offer our customers through

Smart Warehousing

Increased productivity, efficiency, and transparency

Reduced damage and inaccuracies

Increased customer satisfaction

Effective floor space utilization

Safer and more secure warehouses

Smart Warehousing Components

  1. Conveyor Systems
  2. Manipulators & End-Effectors
  3. Lift, Shuttle & Relocation Stations
  4. Autonomous Vehicles (AGVs & ARMs)
  1. Remotely Controlled Heavy Payload Vehicles (RCHPV)
  2. Collaborative Robots (Cobots)
  3. Stillages & Trolleys
  1. Multi-Axis Pick & Place Gantries
  1. Robotic Palletizing System
  1. Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)
  1. Manual Storage & Retrieval Systems (MS/RS)
  1. Conventional & Hands-free Stocktaking
  1. Robotic Stocktaking
  1. Custom Racking Systems
  1. FIFO (First-in, First-out) Buffers
  1. Warehouse Management Systems
  1. Reporting Dashboards
  2. EDI Connection
  1. Explore Virtual Models
  2. First-person/Bird’s Eye Views
  3. Offer Offline Training
  1. Tablet-based AR
  2. Wearable AR
  3. Projection-based AR

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